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all 50 different c-class ip’s – top level domains $25.00 full report provided. 150 total backlinks.

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Total 125 a week for 4 weeks slow Submission on 120 different c-class ip’s $80.00 full weekly reports provided. 1500 total backlinks.

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100 different c-class ip’s – top level domains $35.00 full report provided. 300 total backlinks.

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all 100 different c-class ip’s – top level domains $50.00 full report provided. 1080 total backlinks.

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BPS Blog Posting Service

Businesses that are not maximizing their web marketing efforts are disadvantaged. The primary way people identify your business is online - is that fact reflected in how you’re applying your resources?”

BPS Blog Posting Services offers businesses the chance to increase their businesses search engine rankings online. Two particulars elements of your domain go a long way in increasing your search engine rankings:

  • New and original - ‘fresh’ - content

  • Inbound links to your website from any web publication –“Backlinking”

Our Blog Posting Services are designed to add to the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts. Having a number of the most-commonly entered keywords or terms isn’t going to generate better search engine rankings. SEO services blogs follow a more extensive process with the understanding that quality content –including search engine optimization - and link building are the best way to make you more visible online.

Putting our backlink building services and link building services to work for you will increase the visibility you have with search engines, and that means visibility with greater numbers of prospective customers.

Blogging / SEO / Backlinking / Link Building – What and Why

Search engines detect when a website’s content has remained stagnant for a period of time and this detracts from the site’s status. Having fresh content is key and utilizing a blog with regular fresh content makes your website more appealing to the search engine.

You likely consider yourself an expert in your business, so make that clear with blog posts demonstrating your expertise. Keys to the effectiveness of our SEO services blogs include:

  • Search keywords and terms frequently searched by prospective customers in your market, and

  • ‘Quality’ well-written content that is not ‘keyword stuffed’ and poorly written – it will suggest a lack of professionalism and authority in your business

BPS SEO services blogs are powered by the effectiveness of our backlink building services. A Backlink is the URL of your website incorporated into the text of the article featured in a blog. Building a network of active links to your website through blogs is the foundation of our link building services.

Our Process

BPS Blog Posting Services will:

  • Publish your blog content in the number of blogs specified in your blog posting package, with inbound links to web pages of your choosing.

  • Submit content manually and provide a submission report allowing you to verify the publishing of your blog content.

  • Post your content to ‘fresh’ blogs every time you purchase and guarantee all backlinks remain active after the content has left the blog’s first page. This is integral to our backlink building services.

  • Offer a welcome resource with our backlink checker – allowing you to determine whether or not your inbound links remain active and know you have reliable link building services.

Client Testimonials

“I’m not the most internet smart guy, but I’ve come to understand the importance of search engine rankings and this blog posting service has improved mine. The proof is that I now receive more business inquiries through the website.”.
By - Ray Mertyn
“BPS gets results, simple as that. I’ve gone from ranking in the thirties to ranking 5th on Google’s search engine results pages and it is my blog that is powering the climb. I might have been skeptical at first, but boy am I pleased with the service now.” By - Sharon Kelman

“The blog works! More people come through the website and some of them become customers. Good enough for me and happy with BPS Blog Posting Service”By - Gil LeRomeine

"You're going to be surprised at how effective BPS blog posting service is in boosting your search engine results. I am now ranked 3rd on google for for my keyword phrase and 2nd on Yahoo. These days, that's huge for make yourself visible online."
By - Terrance Lee