Owner’s Manuals. Below, you may find manuals for your Beretta firearm in an electronic format. You may also order a hard copy if desired. Owner’s Manuals. Unofficial Beretta Site: really neat site, complete with the history of the model 92 series, old ‘owner’s manual, exploded views, 70 (Thanks to Ed Ruesing, he gave me the opportunity to post the manual) KB, English AL ( KB). The illustrations and instructions in this article are based on the Beretta Urika , but they are also valid for the other versions of the

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If you clean your nut often you might consider replacing the snap ring with one that does not fit quite so tight. Different stock drop and cast dimensions can be ob- tained using the extra set of spacers supplied. Uriak care not to lose the plunger and its spring.

U r i k a – Beretta AL Urika – Bev Fitchett’s Guns Magazine

I still think the old design is better, provided you don’t neglect the nut until it rusts. If not, you’ve got trouble, and you should have cleaned it long ago! The carrier lever with its spring and plunger is riveted to the carrier. The thin ring in the 4 o’clock position in the illustration is the part that does not show on the parts diagram.

Drive out the hammer bush note – it must come out on the left side, it cannot come out to the right. This operation must be carried out by a competent gunsmith. Tue Jun 19, 9: If you take medication that can impair motor reactions or judgment, do not han- dle a firearm while you are under the influence of the medication.

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Removing the stock, and using stock shims: The group looks complicated, but it really isn’t difficult to get it apart and back together.

In case you hear an unusual noise when shooting, stop firing immediately, ingage the manual safety and unload the firearm. I think my friend cleans his shaft every time he shoots, anyway.

AL Urika / Teknys Instruction Manual

For best results with steel shot, Beretta recommends a modified choke. If you want to store the gun with the bolt closed, hold the cocking handle and ease it shut.

This is especially important when loading or unloading the firearm. The particular composition of some Super Magnum shotshells’ powder can generate a strong deposit of combustion residues. The cap is usually fastened in place at the factory by use of a thread locker Loctite or equivalent. Never look into the muzzle or change tubes on a loaded gun even with safety engaged. If it is, make sure the connecting rod isn’t installed upside-down see the “caution” paragraph above.

When you put the forearm on, manusl sure the U-shaped projection of wood at the base of the forearm goes into the recess on the front of the receiver. Never let the muzzle of a firearm point at any part of your body or at another person. Ak391, I did find a way to detect the twist. The firearm is now loaded and ready to fire. Unload a firearm before putting it in a vehicle. That might be too big for a 20 gauge gun.

Mon Feb 26, 2: But of course, all mqnual wobbling in the world won’t matter if you don’t have failures to feed. Replacing the firing pin or its spring: Some bullets can travel over a mile. The plastic bushing is not used when the barrel is on, but it is needed to keep the forend nut from al3911 when the barrel is off. The recoil spring guide part 12 will slide out, but you might need to start it by pressing with a fingertip from inside the receiver.


Put the base of the hammer near its final position at the front end of the trigger plate and move the other end down to the sear, so the hammer is in the cocked position. The gun seems to work just fine with the valve shaft turned the wrong direction, but I suspect the shaft on the magazine cap will get dirtier faster that way. The urjka and its tube may need cleaning once in a while if you are using very dirty ammo that leaves a lot of ash.

Sat Jun 16, In fact, if you only use your gun for hunting, and you use fairly clean-burning shells, you might get away with never disassembling it. Shooting without the choke tube is danger- ous and can damage the barrel’s internal screw thread irreparably.

Beretta – Unofficial Beretta Site

Tue Jun 19, 2: You are definitely bereta AL specialist!! However, I will continue to shoot my Competition. Any recommendations on tools to quickly remove and replace the two nuts in the exhaust pressure relief valve for cleaning? Mon Dec 31, 5: